Welcome to the Beaconhouse Newlands International School website. We are a small, young school with a big family of students, parents and staff. As part of the Beaconhouse School System our students benefit from the breadth of a truly International environment. We value the principles of child centred learning and our students enjoy a mix of different educational experiences both in and out of the classroom.
Our teachers are highly trained and experienced professionals. There is a healthy mix of Expat and local teachers who work to achieve high learning outcomes for each student. Our teachers are specialists in their field and the all students benefit from specialist subject teachers whether they are in year one or year ten.
We follow the Cambridge International curriculum at primary, secondary and IGCSE levels, offering a wide range of subject for study. We pride ourselves developing our students into lifelong learners who value knowledge and its application. Our students not only have a passion and thirst for knowledge but are confident risk takers who use a range of skills to problem solve.
At Beaconhouse Newlands we encourage independent thinking and research, providing a nurturing environment both in and out of the classroom. Students have access to a dedicated class teacher who will support them in their academic and pastoral development as they grow. They have access to a variety of different cultures and experience a truly global educational experience. The academic programme is supported by an After School Programme providing the students with the opportunity to experience activities and learn new skills.
The school is in a brand new campus which provides the students with an exceptional 21st century learning environment. All classrooms are furnished with the latest technology and facilities to enhance their learning and provide the students with the opportunity to follow and achieve their dreams.
This website can only give you small snippet of life at Beaconhouse Newlands International School. Please do come and visit us, meet the staff and the students and experience our exceptional learning environment.

Our Address

Lot No. 2855, Batu 9, Jalan Cheras, 43200 Cheras, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

T : +603 9082 4759    F : +603 9082 4758

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About Our School

Air-conditioned campus designed to meet the needs of modern-day education
Trained and experienced expatriate and local teachers
Blended learning environment, combining high-quality teaching practices with contemporary technology
English language-medium instruction
State-of the-art learning facilities, including large, well-resourced ICT equipped classrooms, computer and science labs, art studio and performing arts centre
Well-resourced library and learning centre with access to e-libraries
Full day school from 8:15 am to 4:30 pm
Extended curriculum including a variety of clubs and societies
Homework and clinics offered at school to support classroom learning
A safe and caring environment that promotes respect and positive traditional values for all students
Nutritionally balanced morning snack and school lunch

School Curriculum

At Beaconhouse Newlands we believe that all students are unique and should be treated such. We recognise the individuality of each student and teachers use a wide variety of different approaches in their teaching to ensure high learning outcomes. In planning they ensure all students are given the opportunity to learn with confidence in a creative, imaginative and innovative environment. Teachers ensure that students are exposed to problem-solving activities, learn life skills, strategic reasoning and learn to have a flexible mind-set. Teachers evaluate learning through feedback, presentations and project work. Underpinning their teaching are the Mission and Vision of the Beaconhouse School System, the Beaconhouse Learner Profiles and our own aims in providing a holistic and rounded education. The curriculum emphasizes breadth, balance and integration of learning areas, and promotes a proactive, creative and inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning. The curriculum also facilitates students’ personal growth by providing opportunities for students to learn about and act upon their responsibility to the community, and to reflect on the essential quality of traditional values, intellectual heritage and cultural aspirations of their own and other communities. Rationale The curriculum of Beaconhouse Newlands will challenge all students to succeed to the best of their ability. Purpose The curriculum of Beaconhouse Newlands will:

Provide a broad and balanced education for all students
Encompass the full range of knowledge, understanding and skills which are essential for today’s and tomorrow’s world
Build on the education a student has received in earlier years of learning
Be non- sexist and non-racist
Implement key areas of learning as prescribed by the curriculum standards set by Cambridge programme and teaching and learning pedagogy from the inquiry approach to learning
Fulfil the needs of national requirements and integrate elements of local areas of study where possible

The main essential learning areas of curriculum will be developed along the guidelines set by the Cambridge programme and the inquiry approach to teaching and learning. Cambridge International Curriculum Beaconhouse Newlands offers the Cambridge International Curriculum at Primary, Middle and IGCSE Levels. The University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) is the world’s largest provider of international education programmes and qualifications for 5-19 year olds. CIE qualifications are offered in over 160 countries and recognised by university, education providers and employers across the world. The CIE programme aims to develop learners who are confident, responsible, innovative and engaged. It offers a progressive and rigorous programme from primary to A-Level. It is flexible enough to allow teachers to design learning activities that meet students’ learning needs. It also provides guidance for curriculum development and classroom teaching and learning.

Subjects Offered

At primary and secondary 1 level (reception to Year 9), CIE enables teachers to assess student’s learning as they progress through their academic jouney. These regular assessments help ensure that teachers keep track of students’ progress, and respond appropriately to their learning needs. The primary school curriculum provides students with a strong foundation in the following subjects:

Language and Literacy Development
Mathematical Development
Knowledge and Understanding of the World ( History and Geography)
Creative Development
Bahasa Malaysia
Physical Education
Educational Technology
Personal and Social Development

Years 1-6

Bahasa Malaysia
Art & Design
Performing Arts
Physical Education
Global Perspective
Citizenship & Thinking Skills
Islamic Studies

Subjects offered at Secondary Level:
Year 7 – 9

Global Perspectives
Bahasa Malaysia
Art and Design
Performing Arts
Citizenship & Thinking Skills
Islamic Studies

IGCSE Year 10 - 11
Compulsory Subjects:

English Language
Bahasa Malaysia
Malaysian History

Optional Subjects (students choose 2 or 3)

English Literature
Additional Mathematics
Art and Design
Business Studies
Global Studies
Physical Education


Why do we need to assess?

Assessment is the gathering of information and analysis of student learning. At Beaconhouse Newlands the aim of assessment is to stimulate learning and to identify what student’s know and understand at different stages of their learning process. We use the criteria based assessment strategy in assessing our students. This means individual students’ work is compared to standards (assessment criteria) and not compared to other students’ work.

What are the principles of assessment at Beaconhouse Newlands?

Assessment is used to measure what students know and what they can do, in meeting each subject’s learning programmes.
The primary purpose of assessment at Beaconhouse Newlands is to improve student learning and the quality of the learning programmes.
Both formative and summative assessments are used, of which are on-going and provide opportunities for students to reflect on their learning process; our assessment strategies investigate both the product of a student learning (summative assessment) and the process of learning (formative assessment)
At Beaconhouse Newlands, we use a wide variety of different assessment strategies to inform the student (and their parents) on what they know and need to know, and also how they learn. In addition to tests, quizzes and exam we use other assessment tools such as observation and follow up analysis, teacher – student conferencing, process journals, peer and self- assessment tools
Students’ self- assessment is strongly encouraged. They will respond to oral and written report by setting smart targets and challenging the achievements
Assessment tasks are catered for different learning styles and differentiated for different learning needs
We believe that assessment is ongoing, and students and parents are regularly informed as to their progress of learning
The reporting schedule involves 3 full written reports and 3 progress reports with a parent, teacher and student meeting each year

After School Programme

An Enriching Experience
The extended curriculum at Beaconhouse Newlands includes a variety of activities, clubs and societies for students to choose from. Many of the activities are free and do not incur an additional charge. The programme changes each term to allow for expansion and development.
Sports Club
Students are coached in technique and there is the opportunity to represent the school in competitions. We hold an annual Sports Day for all students and regular inter house competitions. Sports clubs include: Athletics, Basketball, Soccer, Captains Ball, Futsal, Netball, Handball, Swimming and Badminton.

Literacy Clubs
Students work with the Librarian to publish a student magazine celebrating their achievements, activities and topical articles. There is also a book club where students meet regularly for book discussions. At film club students will look at the literacy influences of modern storytelling and will be given the opportunity to write their own storyboards. There are also skills and competitive game sessions for younger students to improve language, performance and leadership skills.

Art and Design
Students are able to use different media to produce their own designs and finished works of art. In Chinese Calligraphy the students learn the basic strokes and produce works of art celebrating this detailed and precise skill. Students can also enjoy beading and jewellery making.

Martial Arts
Students can join the Taekwondo class and learn self-discipline in addition to the martial arts techniques. They have fun keeping fit in these professionally led classes.

Students can develop their creative skills through technology. There is the opportunity to join the Apps development group as well as the Robotics class. Both allow the students to develop their problem-solving and thinking skills.

Academic Clubs
There is a Homework club where students can access the facilities to research their work as well as take advantage of the subject clinics. Clinics are run by staff to supplement the teaching and learning and to assist students in their understanding. Public Speaking, Drama, Sudoku clubs and chess are also available.

Students are able to access individual or group music lesson in guitar, piano, drums and voice. In addition there are choirs and bands that the students can join in order to use their skills in collaboration with others.

Duke of Edinburgh International Award Scheme
Students who are aged 14 and over will have the opportunity to join this scheme and develop their leadership skills. There is an opportunity to participate in community service, physical activity, expedition and to learn new skills whilst linking with students across the globe.

Nicki Coombs - Head of School

It is my pleasure to welcome you as a prospective member of the Beaconhouse Newlands family. Here, we aim to nurture and inspire children to become independent global learners. We encourage them to be articulate, expressive thinkers and lifelong learners. We want them to be socially responsible, resilient and active citizens of the world. We also believe that parents are a vital part of our school community. We believe that education is a joint venture between school and home and we aim to work with you to create a rich learning environment for our students. We can only give you a brief snapshot of what we do at Beaconhouse Newlands. I would encourage you to come and visit us, speak to the staff and students, and meet with myself to discuss the future of your child’s education at Beaconhouse Newlands.
We look forward to welcoming you and your child to Beaconhouse Newlands.
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