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Thank you for visiting Beaconhouse Malaysia!


Beaconhouse School System was established in 1975. It has completed almost four decades of providing quality education and is now recognised as one of the largest school networks in the world, with a presence in eight countries. Our journey in Malaysia started in 2004, spreading our mission to offer parents quality education of an international standard for their children. Today we have twelve schools in the country which is part of an effective and growing ecosystem of Beaconhouse schools around the world. We assimilate our learnings from around the world and our educators and thought leaders who are experts in their fields help us shape our international outlook which in turn reflects in the attributes of Beaconhouse students worldwide.


In an increasingly interconnected world, we believe it is important to let your child know that they have a voice and the power to make a positive impact in this world. An awareness of the how the world works, helps students build their confidence and find their place in this world. Our goal is to ensure your child develops the knowledge, skills and values needed to effectively engage with the world. Raising the bar of academic excellence, we are committed to empower and inspire our students to reach for brilliance and become leaders of the future. We envision to build and empower ‘Lifelong Learners’ who will continue in their quest for knowledge beyond the classroom into the real world.  You will witness this approach inculcated in our the attitudes, values and behaviour of our students through our enriched academic curriculum as well as our extra-curricular activities.


As the new regional director yet an old/ staunch believer in the positive impact of education on a child’s holistic development, I welcome you to take the time to explore our website and visit us at any of our Beaconhouse campuses. I would also like to share with you that I am humbled and excited to lead the organisation through the next phase of growth as the newly appointed Regional Director. I have been associated with the Beaconhouse Group since 2006, where I served in various capacities including the Regional director of the largest region in Pakistan and later as the Project director of The Educators, (a sister concern of Beaconhouse) a K-12 school network with over 185,000 students. My last and most recent engagement was with the government of Pakistan where I served as the Advisor to the Prime Minister. While working on the Education Reforms, I helped develop strategic and scalable interventions to raise the standards of teaching and learning in order to create conducive learning environments for the public schools children. Leveraging from my past work experiences, I am fully committed to achieve the Beaconhouse goal of providing quality education of an international standard and seek your support in becoming partners with us so that our children can become healthy, active members of society and contribute to make this world a better place.


We also encourage you to share your feedback with us or leave any query you may have for us.


Ali Raza

Regional Director