The Regional Leadership


Syed Jahanzeb Shah, Regional Director - Welcome to Beaconhouse Malaysia, a proud member of the Beaconhouse School System. In its forty years as a private school system, Beaconhouse has grown into an international community that nurtures each child’s unique talents and strengths. Our first school was established in Malaysia in 2004 and since then Beaconhouse has grown roots very quickly.


Beaconhouse currently has twelve schools in Malaysia, all of them in or around Kuala Lumpur. Of these, eight are pre-schools, two private primary and secondary schools and two international schools. We offer a strong curriculum that develops our students’ critical thinking and inquiry skills, while fostering a balance between academics and co-curricular activities. Beaconhouse Malaysia’s highly qualified faculty is devoted to assisting and challenging our students to do their best. Our students enjoy a wide range of co-curricular, athletic, artistic and leadership opportunities that make for a rich, vibrant school life.

I invite you to explore our website and to visit our campuses. You will discover the unique, welcoming environment that is Beaconhouse Malaysia.